Sanaa Jaman"LadyDork"

                                   Sanaa Jaman"LadyDork"


Sanaa Jaman was introduced to yoga via Instagram in 2013. She saw pictures of yoga poses and was immediately fascinated by the art. She started self-teaching at the comfort of her home (2013) while pursuing her Ph.D. studies in environmental engineering sciences at the University of Florida (graduated 2016). A few months into her practice, she gained strength and flexibility she never imagined she could. She felt more at ease even with life's challenges and obstacles. She felt more at ease even with life struggle and obstacles. In early 2014, she decided to enroll in a yoga teacher training in Jacksonville, Florida to deepen her knowledge about yoga. She soon fell in love with how yoga has transformed her life especially emotionally. With being a past victim of physical and sexual abuse at a young age and struggling with the emotions that come along with it, yoga has helped her deal with emotions in a healthy manner. It has helped her learn the power of self-love and how to deal with life's unfortunate events.


To date, Sanaa has taught many classes around the world. She launched her first #DorkTour in summer 2015 (2 years into her practice) to share her experiences and teachings with many students around the united states. To date, she has hosted 4 #DorkTour in over 20 cities. Her hope is that with her knowledge and experience, she can help many overcome self-doubt, self-criticism, anxiety, depression and be the best version of themselves.

This site was created to share her journey and the knowledge she gained about yoga from training and personal experiences in hopes that she can inspire and motivate others to start their own journey and find their truth.

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