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I've created this site to share my yoga journey with everyone in hopes that maybe it can inspire you to start yours. I hope you enjoy it.

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Full and healthy! #SheaMoisture


I am currently in the growing stage of my hair. Those who know me know that I am good for chopping my hair once it starts to grow. This year, I decided to take a different approach and grow my hair. 

I spent the past summer taking care of my hair and now applying much heat to it while also using Shea Moisture many products like the Jamaican Castor oil shampoo and conditioner. This month I decided to flat iron my hair and I was extremely surprised with how long my hair grew and also how healthy and full it was. This made me extremely happy and excited to see how my hair will continue to look in a few months! What has been your experience with Shea Moisture? share some tips with me if you have some!