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New Favorite Make up line! #CoverFX


During my visit to Morocco, I was introduced to Cover FX make up line by my friends. Prior to this, I have only used one make up brand for over 7 years. I was a bit hesitant to start a new make up line but my friends sold me when they told me that Cover FX was vegan and cruelty free. I tried their primer and foundation. What I love about their foundation is that it doesn't cover my freckles but covers up all the other little flaws. The color of the foundation is on point! It perfectly matches my skin tone which is hard for me to find. I also like that it is not oily and almost seems like I don't have any make up on!

I am in love with this brand and will make the switch from my old make up line!

You can purchase Cover FX online or at any sephora store.