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I've created this site to share my yoga journey with everyone in hopes that maybe it can inspire you to start yours. I hope you enjoy it.

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Finally Love my curls thank to FORM BEAUTY!

This is so exciting for me to share this with your guys! I am finally wearing my curls out. I never wear my hair curly because of the frizziness of it! It drives me nuts! I finally found a line that works amazing on my hair! Form Beauty has a leave-in conditioner and polish that kept my curls bouncy and non-frizzy!

After using their shampoo and conditioner, I applied the leave-in conditioner and polish. The polish product kept my curls from getting frizzy during the heat of Morocco. I absolutely adore this new line and looking forward to trying more of their products!

Thank you FORM BEAUTY! You can purchase online or at any sephora store.