Dr. Sanaa Jaman was born and raised in Kuwait until the age of 17. Fluent in Arabic then moved to the United States to earn her bachelor's in Mathematics. Her journey was difficult at first, due to the language and cultural differences. However, in 2010, she graduated (bachelor's in mathematics with a minor in chemistry), and decided to pursue her PhD in environmental engineering sciences; which she earned in 2016. During her PhD studies, she discovered a love and passion for yoga through social media. Inspired by the art, she started her practice at home. 

 A few months into her practice, she witnessed a physical and emotional transformation. She noticed that she felt more at ease with life's challenges and obstacles. Her practice has helped her tremendously in her healing journey; as a survivor of an abusive traumatic childhood past. She started to embrace yoga as a wellness lifestyle on and off the mat.


Early 2014, she enrolled in yoga teacher training at Mindful Motion Yoga in Jacksonville, FL to deepen her knowledge about yoga and its philosophy. Her plan wasn't to teach yoga but during the training, she discovered a passion for it. In summer 2015, she launched an annual #DorkTour to share her experiences and her teachings around the United States. To date, Sanaa has taught many classes and workshops around the world, including Kuwait, Morocco, Indonesia and South Africa. She also hosted five #DorkTours in the United States, yoga retreats in Indonesia, has released multiple yoga ebooks, and opened her own studio in her hometown- Kuwait called "Tru3 Yoga".

She hopes by sharing her journey and experience on and off the mat, she can help many overcome self-doubt, self-criticism, anxiety, depression, trauma while learning to be the best version of themselves. 

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