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#IMARA: Women's Retreat in Johannesburg, South Africa


Submerge yourself in the beautiful environment of South Africa. Become inspired, educated and invigorated, via a series of elevating discussions, panels, and workshops. This is your chance to organically connect & network with other highly influential women of color in various industries.

I will be the lead Yoga Instructor during this retreat. We will focus on elevating you mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically to leave feeling renewed each and every day. My hope is that you leave the retreat with tools that will help you tackle life's greatest struggles. 


IMARA means power, persistence, and endurance in Swahili. This language is one of the more recognizable and widely used, African languages within the African Diaspora, and very befitting for the movement we are creating. We’ve chosen to launch an empowering experience for women of color, in the form of a retreat, and named the retreat Imara because it represents everything the experience stands for.


IMARA is a mindful movement which aims to bridge the gap, between artists of color and the audiences of color. By creating awareness on an everyday level, using special connections within the communities of color, and correlating these in an artistic way, within an empowering environment; via an exclusive, thoughtfully curated experience. Specifically for women of color, who tend to be the trendsetters within their communities.

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