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6th Annual #DorkTour, United States

Love. Within.

Welcome to the 6th annual #DorkTour!


I am excited to host my 6th annual tour with all you lovely souls. This tour will focus on the mental, emotional and physical practice of yoga. We will learn how to connect the body and mind on and off the mat

As most of you know, I base my tours on my experience with life in the previous year. 

In 2017, what I thought was depression was actually a spiritual awakening. Spent months working through traumas and past conditioning. So in the 5th #DorkTour “Break. Open.” , we broke open by recognizing and releasing emotions that no longer served us. -

In 2018, I entered with open heart and manifested everything I wanted. I’ve learned the power of love and surrender. And on this #DorkTour I want you to tap into the “Love. Within.” you, reach your highest self and manifest your visions. -

In this workshop while you're opening your heart with backbends and releasing your emotions with hip openers. We will work on breaking through barriers, beliefs, conditions and perceptions to get you into a space of healing, a space of unconditional love.

We will sit deeply in poses that will target the connective tissues of the hips, pelvis, and lower spine, all while allowing the thoughts; feelings and emotions flow through our bodies and releasing them.

Registration for #DorkTour will open 04/15/2019 . Check out details here

Later Event: September 12
#DesertRose Marrakesh, Morocco