inner(G) Mission 

In March 2018, I was hosting a traveling trip with a small group in Cape Town, South Africa with One Love Travel Club. Part of the itinerary was to visit Koeberg Primary School and build a Zen Garden where they would use for meditation and relaxing. We spent the day not only building this garden but also getting to know the teachers and students at the school. 


During my visit, I've learned that many of the students are refugees, orphans, or come from abused homes. Most of the time, the only food they receive is what's provided at the school. I was extremely touched by the energy in the school; from students and teachers. The students were so happy to have people take the time to speak with them. They gave us such loving hugs and thank you cards for taking the time to volunteer. The teachers were so loving. Seeing their interaction and dedication to the students melted my heart. 

This trip inspired me to want to come back and spend more time with the children. I want to give them my loving energy. I feel that giving your energy and showing someone that you care can be so powerful. I also thought wouldn't it be so much more powerful if more people joined? I am looking for 8 people to come volunteer with me at Koeberg Primary School Cape Town, South Africa. It will be 03/11/2019 to 03/21/2019