Ladydork Online Coaching Program

Ladydork Online Coaching Program

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Thank you for your interest in my online yoga coaching. I am happy and excited to work with you and help you achieve your personal yoga goals.  My hope is that with my guidance that you are able to get closer to where you want to be in your yoga practice. What I offer with my online coaching program is the following: 

·      Personalized sequences based on your yoga goals.

·      A bonus video demonstration of how to breathe properly in poses.

·      A bonus video demonstration of sun salutation A and B.

·      A Free copy of “The Starting Point”


If the program sounds interesting to you and you would like to move forward, below are the plans that may suit your needs.



#YogaWithDork plan: This plan offers one-customized sequence with video demonstrations for $35.

#DorkTaughtMe Plan: $70/week or $250/Month: This will include 2 one-hour sequences per week via skype or facetime appointments. This may also include some prop illustrations depending on the client's flexibility and strength.  

If everything so far sounds good to you, please email me at




Look forward to working with you!



Dr. Jaman

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