Desert Rose

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The purpose

The Desert Rose is both brilliant and resilient. The key to planting desert rose is to make sure you start out with fresh seeds. Meaning your new life will cost your old one.

God places us with the right people at the right time on our journeys.
2017 was one of the most difficult years for Sanaa and Tasha, yet the paradox was it was also the year they came together.

Sanaa and Tasha have been on similar journeys over the last 8 years. They both found their purpose in the same year and stepped into service around the same time. 2017, they both experienced a heartbreak that forced them to face parts of themselves that at the time they would rather run away from. Fears, insecurities, illusions and old stories surfaced asking to be healed once and for all. Just like the desert rose, they both had to bloom from the harshest of conditions.

Together they faced themselves in a way that required unconditional love, compassion, non-judgement, faith and a safe space to face the illusions they were ready to break up with. They taught each other what it was to be their own best friends.

What they have learned from this experience was not many are willing to face themselves in such depths. It requires being completely real with yourself and facing any falsehoods you were living. It means becoming your own best friend and actually meaning it. It’s being able to sit with yourself when the old story wants to reemerge and not run away from those feelings. It’s having the awareness of self and loving the parts of yourself that aren’t always so conscious. It requires choosing yourself first and trusting yourself.

This retreat is meant to help fall in love with your true self and seek your highest loving self. It means stepping into the power you thought you might have lost. During this retreat, you will be provided with tools to help connect back to your source, the love within. You will learn how to release all the conditioning, trauma, fears and insecurities in a healthy manner. This is a fresh start to step into your light and power.

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About Sanaa JAman


Dr. Sanaa Jaman was born and raised in Kuwait until the age of 17. Fluent in Arabic then moved to the United States to earn her bachelor's in Mathematics. Her journey was difficult at first, due to the language and cultural differences. However, in 2010, she graduated (bachelor's in mathematics with a minor in chemistry), and decided to pursue her PhD in environmental engineering sciences; which she earned in 2016. During her PhD studies, she discovered a love and passion for yoga through social media. Inspired by the art, she started her practice at home. 

A few months into her practice, she witnessed a physical and emotional transformation. She noticed that she felt more at ease with life's challenges and obstacles. Her practice has helped her tremendously in her healing journey; as a survivor of an abusive traumatic childhood past. She started to embrace yoga as a wellness lifestyle on and off the mat.

She hopes by sharing her journey and experience on and off the mat, she can help many overcome self-doubt, self-criticism, anxiety, depression, trauma while learning to be the best version of themselves. 

About Tasha Nassar

Tasha Nassar is an alchemist, an adjuster, a vessel.


True to her name, she is a clear channel for the birth of Higher Consciousness. Where she touches, is healed. 

Her transformative power is a testimony to the unconditional love she offers clients. 

Holding space for the Divine in you to rise to the surface, she shows you that you are already perfect, whole and complete.Therefore, what she heals is one’s idea of themself.

As an experienced Intuitive Energy Healer, Reiki Master, Extra-sensory and Ceremonial Facilitator she assists you with deepening your heart space and clarity of your power.

Attuning others to their home vibration through service from the heart, Tasha Nassar alchemizes all into love. 


Twitter: @ tashabeee

Instagram: @ tashabeee