How Do I Get Started With Yoga?!!

Good Afternoon Everyone!

I have received many comments on Instagram and emails about how do you start practicing yoga. Well I hope this post will help. First thing first is that you have to be aware of your body capabilities. You know how flexible and strong you are to a certain extent. So don’t try something that will have end up in the hospital. Main thing is to listen to your body and allowed to guide you.

I will share some of the things I’ve done that helped me get to where I'm at now but understand that each person is different. Just because it only took me a certain amount of time to accomplish my goals, doesn’t mean it will happen for you in the same time frame. Don’t be discouraged from trying and pushing yourself towards reaching your goal regardless of the time it takes. You will reach them, just be patient, consistent with practice and committed.

Here’s some tips and steps I took to start my Yoga Journey:

  1. I first explored my body’s capabilities. I saw some yoga challenges on Instagram and thought I could do them. I was wrong. With each pose I tried I CLOSE paid attention to what part of my body was tense and what was I lacking.
  2. I researched YOGA. There are so many different types of Yoga. You have to see which one fits best with your lifestyle and what will help you stay motivated in your journey.
  3. After noticing what my body can’t do, I started working out at the gym. I lacked upper body and core strength so I joined boxing and started researching core workouts and practicing them at the gym.
  4. I was never flexible, well I at least I didn't think I was. I tried some poses and realized I needed to stretch my muscles more than I thought I needed to.  I did basic stretches for the hips, hamstrings, shoulders …etc
  5. I downloaded the “Nike Training Club” and started using it to get myself in shape.
  6. I would attempt poses, take pictures and videos while doing these to keep track of my progress but also to look at my form and see what I can correct or work on. I use props like a block or a wall to help me with any pose that I need support with until I felt like I was comfortable enough to be without them.
  7. I don’t over work myself with poses, if I can’t get it, I come back to it the next day or a few days after depending on how sore I am. But I work on other poses in the meantime.
  8. I’ve only attended about 3 yoga classes since I started back in January and haven’t looked at any you tube videos but I follow very talented yogi on IG that post tips and hints that help me with my journey. This works for me but doesn't me it works for you so do what works best for you. Maybe you can look up good videos on you tube or attend a few classes near you.
  9. I practice on a consistent basis. I’m patient and understand in order to get to the advanced levels of Yoga; I must start from the bottom (beginner poses) and work my way up.



Many of you see pictures of the “cool” poses and think that there is a secret and fast way to get there. Sorry, there isn’t. You have to start with beginner poses which many of you think is “boring” but that’s because you haven’t researched the benefits of each pose and where it will take you with practice. Learn about every pose you see and start slow and work your way up the advanced levels.

Check out my Instagram for monthly challenges that will help you with your journey.

I hope these tips help and understand it’s all not easy but worth it if you take your time and be patient.