How Do I start? How long will it take me to do......?

How Do I start? How long will it take me to do…..?


I get emails and comments pretty much every day with these two questions, “How Do I start? How long will it take me to get as good as you?”…


“Yoga is the Journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” –Bhavagad Gita


If you let this quote sink in… you’ll find your answer.


But let me break it down for you a little bit more.


How do you start?

Check out one of my very first blog posts about how I started. It pretty much shows you that you just START. There’s no specific way to start Yoga, you just do. If you’re interested, then you research it and learn about it. Learn about the basic poses and try them. Understand that Yoga is just like working out. You just start and you have to be patient and consistent.

How do you start? You just do! Get a mat, read a book about yoga, attend a class or research online on beginner yoga poses and work your way up. Start from the bottom and read how important beginner yoga poses are good and learn where they can take you. Yoga is beyond the pretty and advanced poses you see.


How to gain flexibility and strength?

PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! That's how you advance. There’s no secret. You can workout outside of Yoga to gain more core and arm strength. But if you just keep practicing the poses the correct way, you will advance.


How long will it take me….?

If you come into practicing Yoga with a mindset like that, you wont accomplish much. Yoga is all about being patient and consistent. Come into it with an open mind and enjoy the journey, regardless of how long it may take you. Also, you have to take into account that everyone is different. Don’t compare how long it took someone to do a pose to your self. YOU’RE two different people with different bone structures and flexibility level.

Understand the difference between muscle tension and bone compression.

There’s a DVD called “Anatomy for Yoga” By Paul Grilley that explains specifically why even after years of stretching why some can’t do certain poses like others. You can’t touch your head in a scorpion pose? Is it muscle tension or bone compression? If you feel a burning sensation while you’re trying to do a pose, then its muscle tension and you will eventually go further in the pose if you continue to stretch. I’ve attached a youtube video of Paul Grilley explaining the difference. Look up more clips or get the DVD to get a full understanding of the anatomy of yoga!


Back to the quote, basically Yoga is a journey for your self. Have no expectations and just enjoy it … Look beyond the beautiful poses and learn about the history, the types….etc.


This is YOUR journey! Start it however you want at whatever level! Yoga is not a competition so stop looking at others progression and focus on your own and you will get far!  Its All about PATIENCE!


Below is a screen shot of instagram pic that I took from my friend’s page. She posted a yoga challenge in Jan of 2013 and I commented saying “I'm bout to try this..” … That’s how it all started. I just started doing it and built up strength by being persistent and consistent. Check out my "How do I get started" post I posted a few months back.

I also created a simple guide that will help start your yoga practice if the information online is overwhelming. Please check out "The Starting Point" in the yoga guides section.

Hope this helps you! <3