Past. Pains.


People hurt us because the universe knows that’s the only way we would learn the lessons that need to be learned. 

You see, we get signs from the universe prior to the hurt to avoid the path that we’re on. They’re little signs that can even come to you as voice that speaks through you. But we as humans, continuously ignore the signs. Because we KNOW better than what the universe has in store for us. We are stubborn human beings, we just don’t get it. 

So when something/someone is not for you and you’re not listening to the signs  the universe is sending out, it will do the work for you. It will remove whatever/whoever is not for you. And because you are stubborn and stuck on what you THINK is for you, you will start to suffer. But understand that the universe isn’t trying to hurt you, it’s trying to help you and sometimes it does it by teaching you the toughest lessons in life. 

And if you don’t learn the lessons, you will end up back again where you started. You will continue to feel pain over and over and over again until you learn what needs to be learned. 

But let’s take a moment here, who said that pain isn’t good? We are so conditioned to believing that pain is not good for the heart. But it actually is. 

When you feel pain, when you feel the burn, that is just your heart purifying itself from past pains that you haven’t dealt with. You see, when you don’t allow yourself to feel the pain and avoid it, you block the process of purification. You just got in the way of liberating yourself from your pains.

Avoiding the pain because it’s uncomfortable will only cause you even more pain. It may feel like it went away at the moment, but it didn’t. It is stored in you. The pain will continue to carry on to your next experience, just with different circumstances and characters. Back again to where you started.

You see, we need to change the way you view pain. Stop looking at it as something that is bad but rather something good. Allow the heart to get purified. There is a lesson to be learned. Take the time to learn why you’re feeling so much pain. Where is it coming from? Why is it with you? Face it instead of avoiding it. 

Allow yourself to feel the heart purifying itself, don’t stop the process. Let yourself grow and set yourself free.