Do all things with Love.

People make decisions that often affect in a negative way, that’s just life. We have to accept that Everyone has a path and journey that they need to go through for their growth. It's not personal.

Understand when people make choices, it has everything to do with them and fulfilling their current desires and it has nothing to do with you.

It might be a hard pill to swallow at first but everyone is finding their way on this earth  & sometimes you just happen to be collateral damage through the process. 

Not saying it shouldn’t hurt or affect you. Just saying don’t let it make you feel like you’re flawed or less than what you are. Because You’re already whole. 

Take the time to LOVE YOURSELF. Everything about YOU before you offer it to the world. Even those things you like to think are “imperfections.” Because they are not. They are part of YOU.

Be patient, be kind and forgiving to yourself. And mirror that to the world. Remember everyone is battling something. 

If you people are cruel, be kind and offer love anyways.

It takes strength to not be cold in this cold world.  & takes a lot more strength to not allow it to change you or your heart.

Do all things with love. 💕✨